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Selection of Bohai anti assured reason

  • ?Excellent corporate culture, advanced management system!
  • Products through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification , and access to British Royal UKAS certificate . Product testing by the state authority supervision department for random inspection, the indicators have reached the standard requirements.
  • ? ? ? ? ?Years of production experience, strong technical strength!
  • Cangzhou Bohai explosion-proof special tools is a set production, design, development, testing, sales as one of the group. The products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical industry, electric power, mining, gas production potential fire and explosion hazard environment, is well-known explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof anti electrostatic products, special tools specializing in the production of manufacturing enterprise group.
  • ?????Convenient transportation, perfect service!
  • Located in Botou City of Hebei Province, located in the economic circle of Beijing, Tianjin, the Bohai Sea economic zone. Convenient transportation and environmental advantages. improve the logistics distribution center, products are sold nationwide.
  • Establishing a rigorous program of product testing system to ensure that products seized the entire shipment.
  • 24-hour telephone, ready to respond to any questions.

Cangzhou Bohai Safety&Special Tools Group Co.,Ltd.

Cangzhou Bohai SafetySpecial Tools Group Co.,Ltd established in 1978,lies in Botou City of Hebei Province of China and hold registered capitals of RMB 50000000yuan .It consists of numbers of subsidiaries and scientific research and testing institutions. It is specialized in manufacturing Non-sparking tools and quality steel hand tools ,stainless steel tools and so on. Products cover 6 series including more than 600items, widely used in mine, oil and gas station, petr...【View Details】

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